Switzerland – Notes of the Sixth Family cease to be legal tender


Effective tomorrow 30 April 2021 the banknotes of the Sixth Series cease to be legal tender. Only the notes of the Eight Series will have legal tender status.

The notes to be retired are the 10 francs (CHF10.2), 20 francs (CHF20.2), 50 francs (CHF50.2), 100 francs (CHF100.2), 200 francs (CHF200.1) and 1,000 francs (CHF1,000.2).

There is a Seventh Series which has been kept in reserve.

The withdrawn notes may be exchanged until 30 October 2021 at all Swiss Federal Railways and Post Office cash windows.

After that date they can be exchanged without time limit by post or at the offices of the Swiss National Bank and those of the Cantonal Banks.

Instructions for the redemption by post can be found at: https://www.snb.ch/en/mmr/reference/instr_recalled_notes/source/instr_recalled_notes.en.pdf

The Swiss National Bank may require for the exchange additional information about identity of presenter and provenance of funds.

Source:Swiss National Bank