Credit Union

Credit Union

Credit Union is an international financial cooperative organisation and it is also a self-help and mutual-help organisation. Its objective is "not for profit, not for charity, but to serve". Its aim is to teach all Credit Union members to better utilise their resources and manage their finance effectively. Members save regularly according to their ability in the form of share deposits in the Credit Union. Credit Union uses the accumulated share deposits to lend at low interest rate to the members who are in need of money either for emergency or for productive uses and solves their financial problems. The members who borrow money from the Credit Union need to pay interest. Credit Union uses its loan interest to pay the expenses. After setting aside for reserve for bad loans, the surplus will be distributed in the form of dividends on shares to the members who save. Through the education by the Credit Union, members form the habit of thrift, manage their personal finance appropriately and make wise use of their money to upgrade their quality of life. Besides serving other members, the officers of a Credit Union learn some management skills when handling the daily operation of the Credit Union.These management skills would be applicable to their jobs.

Hong Kong Money Service Operators Credit Union

Hong Kong Money Service Operators Credit Union was established on 18 December 2013 according to the Hong Kong SAR Ordinance Cap 119 Credit Unions Ordinance (Registration No. 79).

The objectives for which our Credit Union is established are:
1. to promote thrift among members;
2. to collect savings of our members either as payment on shares or as deposits; and
3. to make loans to our members, exclusively for provident or productive purposes.

Hong Kong Money Service Operators Credit Union By-Laws