License For Sale

In order to promote the development of the financial industry, and to assist existing financial institution operators and investors who wish to operate financial institutions, we have set up this special page for anyone to contact us.

For Sale Post:

Reference Date License Type Indicative Price Descriptions
20221025TRU1 25 October 2022 Hong Kong Licensed Trust Company Sold
  • Company has local bank account
  • Available for sale at any time
  • No operating record
  • No debt or disciplinary record
  • Other negotiable packages: various asset custody, offshore accounts, MasterCard card issuance, precious metals trading, securities investment accounts
  • License Expiration Date: mid-2025
20221025MSO1 25 October 2022 Money Services Operator License Sold
  • Company has a bank account
  • Available for sale at any time
  • Location: Tsim Sha Tsui
  • License Expiration Date: mid 2024